Some stories bring us joy, some sadness, some love, some hate, and a few, truly inspire us. We the authors of this blog site are suckers for those stories and are in a constant quest for tales from all over the world.  We curate, compile, and talk about tales, stories, and lores with a tinge of history.  

Why the name Mittai Stories?

When we were kids, candies were a part of almost every memorable moments of our lives! Fell down from a swing? Candies to the rescue. Birthday? Candies. Good grades? Candies. Lost a race? Candies. Appointment with a doctor? Candies. Candies were our constant source of cheer and our little shots of happiness. 

Mittai (pronounced as Miṭṭāy) in tamil means ‘candy’. This inspired the name for our blog. Mittai Stories. To collectively symbolize all stories that are little shots of happiness, love, adventure, sadness, tragedy, or simply human. Also since Mittai symbolizes the simplicity of happiness and a burst of flavours it contains within its small shell, we choose the name Mittai stories to represent a diverse range of stories we can base our blogs on without being boringly lengthy, while still being true to its essence.  

What do we do?

We secretly encrypt our world domination plans in our blog posts for our secret followers to know. Just kidding (But are we?). Honestly though, we search stories from all over the globe. Curate them and publish them as entertaining blogs for our readers. Put a ton of effort to make sure they reach the right audience as we hope to make them educational too. So if you are in search of information, trying to learn about something new, exploring a place in the map, or just simply bored and landed here on our site, then we’ve done a good job yay!

Want to join us?

If you are like one of us, with a knack for writing on something that you love. Then we want you in our gang! Drop a mail to and we will reach you asap.

With sweetest regards,
The Mittai Stories team.

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